Self-Promotion Research 

Article: Women’s Bragging Rights: Overcoming Modesty Norms to Facilitate Women’s Self-Promotion

Author/Source: Jessi Smith and Meghan Huntoon

Description: There is a prevailing gender norm that women should be modest. Women who violate this norm and outline their accomplishments can expirence uncomfortable situations that lower their motivation and performance on self-promoting tasks.  78 women were asked to write a scholarship application that promotes either themselves or another person, and the essays were rated by a pool of naive judges


Article: Disruptions in Women’s Self‐Promotion: The Backlash Avoidance Model

Author/Source: Corinne Moss-Racusin and Laurie Rudman

Description: Women often fear an economic or social penalty for violating gender norms and self-promoting, so they will self-regulate and adjust for fear of backlash. Undergraduate students were recruited for a interview practice workshop hosted by Career Services at a school. The “interview” was recorded and the interview was analyzed for self-promotion, fear of backlash, perceived self-promotion success, regulatory mode, and communal stereotyping. The second study used acceptance into an undergraduate program and only studied women. Half of the group recommended themselves, the other half recommended a peer.